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Checkered Keelback

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Checkered Keelback is the most commonly found sake across India. Often called as water snake in many regional languages as it is found near fresh water bodies, marshes and agricultural fields. The snake has keels scales and rounded pupil. The coloration vary from region to region with a Checkered pattern all over the body. The overall body color vary from green to dark brown. A good swimmer and very aggressive when threatened.

Beddome's Keelback

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Brown above; a series of yellow spots, each between two black spots or short transverse bands, along each side of the back; upper labials yellowish with black sutures; a yellow, black-edged, oblique streak from the eye to the gape; a yellow band across the nape, behind the parietals, becoming indistinct with age; belly white, closely dotted with brown on the sides.

Green Keelback

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Green Keelback is a yellowish-green colored snake found in peninsular India except above Gangetic plains and most of the Eastern India. This can be identified by checking rich green or yellowish-green body marked with more or less irregular black bands or patches. In most of its life it bears yellow color V shaped marking guarded by black on nape. Sometimes it can be confused with Cobra due to its habit of showing narrow fake hood above the ground as a nervous response.

Russell's Viper

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Russell's Viper is the most widely distributed Viper family member which is infamous for its fascinating whistle and long fangs. This is one of the most bite and death causing venomous snake in Indian subcontinent and the member of Big Four of India. It can be easily identified by checking oval shaped hollow or solid spots in three rows in dorsal body and highly keeled non-shiny scales. However even with specific body patterns layman sometime assume it to be juvenile of Python.